Monday, July 10, 2006

Hi, Well, I am so proud of this work, lol... I never thought I could finish this... Even I haven't done it all but with just this side of the zig zag skirt from Interweave crochet magazine, I am so happy of being able to finish it, lol... And again I would like to thank Jena in the cp list for showing her pics of the skirt and also for telling me it was an easy one to make. I was so inspired with her photo, you can see it in her blog: Hope you like it and I'll show you the finished skirt when done! Hugs Celia

Monday, June 19, 2006

Vest Friend Hi, this is the vest I have made for my little kid friend Rafita. He's going to be 3 years old this next Wednesday and we're going to his party this saturday. My baby Henry has the same one but in color stripes. The pattern is from the Candy Tots book from Candi Jensen. I love the patterns in this book soooo much! Hugs and keep creating ladies! Celia

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Blog Update! There's been a lot since I last updated my blog. This does not means that I haven't been crocheting, lol... Just that I have forgotten to take photos to my finished projects and they were gifts, so not in my hands anymore, lol... Well, these are my last items; First I have made this pair of socks. They're from "love those socks!" booklet. I just love them. This especifically are the Athletic Socks. Here's the pic: I made them with the gorgeous-to-work-with yarn Anden Silk & Andean Silk Twist mixed. Then also I have made this nice tank top for Diana. I first started another top but when I was in the middle of the work I didn't like how it was looking so I started this other "Designer Wannabe Tank Top" from The Happy Hooker and I am so happy I did change the pattern and yarn because this one is more fun and also better for summertime. This one I have made it with the Valentino Yarn from Herschnerrs site in turquoise and then the edging was made with Katia yarn. If you were thinking about making this top do it, it is so easy and so nice to work. Hope the pics are good enough because they were made with my mobile phone, lol... Hugs and keep creating! Celia

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hello again, Like I said in the last post I have already finished the cardigan for my baby boy and here it is the pic after the last sew stitches, lol... I think it looks great and tomorrow I am going to pray for bad weather to come here and then I'll be able to ask him to wear it for me, lol... And this is the bag I did make for my couisn Neni using the pattern in The Happy Hooker book. It was so easy and nice to do and I think looks really nice! Hugs and thanks so much for taking a look here! Celia

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hello, It has been a lot since I last post anything here but the works have been many! I have almost finished the cardigan for my baby, I just need to sew the hood to it. I forgot to take photos of it, sorry. I'll do it later and will post it maybe tomorrow. Here are some pics of what I have been working in this Easter holidays. First comes this dress I have made for a friends baby girl that's now 3 months old. I bought the kit from Posie with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino which I just love to work with! Then I have also made this matching cardigan but decided at last minute to make it bigger for my friend Nuria 1 year old baby. She's a real cutie and I know she would look wonderful in this cardigan. I also bought the kit at Posie. Well, then this is a belt I made from "The Happy Hooker" book that I love . It was designed and made in chocolate for the book but I did it in white matching a bag I also did make from that book and then I added the red ribbon. I don't know if I like it very much how it looks like finished but well, let's see if my cousin who I made it for, likes it... lol... And finally this vest that I have made for my baby boy from a pattern in the Candi Jensen "Candy Tots" book, I love this book patterns and this vest is a mix between a pullover and a vest patterns in this book, lol... I still have to finish it but this is how it will look like... I really love them all! Well, I hope you'll like all this things and I have some more in the works so I'll be posting more pics soon! Hugs and keep creating friends! Celia

Friday, March 24, 2006

Hi again, Well, wanted to share the works I have been doing lately. I have started many others but I forgot to check the yarn before and got out of them before finidhing, lol... I am working in my first ever cardigan for my baby and I am so happy with it even I have seen some mistakes, lol.. But well, nothing too bad, lol... This is a photo of the parts I have already finished... I'm making it with Debbie Vliss Baby Cashmerino yarn which I really love. In a beautiful green and then the hood and buttonhole part in ecru color. Think this combination will look nice when finished. This is a pic of the color in a closer look... Well, hope you'll like it! Hugs Celia

Friday, March 03, 2006

Well, I already have two posts in my first ever blog, lol... This is the photo of the cap and beanies I have made lately... They're patterns from Hope you'll like them! Hugs, Celia

Hi, This is my first post in my first time ever blog! After joining some Yahoo crochet groups I have visited several blogs and have loved since then the idea of having a place to post the creations we all make. Mine are soooo simple but, well, I am just a beginner so maybe that´s what it is meant to be, lol... Well, about me, I am a crocheter since ever I think but I have always made just so simple things like little bags, but only using double crochet as it was the only stitch I could do, lol... Now I have found many, many patterns so easy to do even using other stitches but without simbols that really are my nightmare!!! I have started this new "era" in my own crochetlandia making socks, but not the ones you can see the patterns of in the web, they´re basically... "elf" style ones. I´ll post some pics later tonight. I have made them in several different yarns but have loved them all. Most I have made them for friends and family and then I have kept some for me and also I made a pair for my little 2 years old baby that's the greatest thing in my life, apart from my dear husband that's just my other half, lol... Well, that is then my introduction for this blog. I just would like to use this to post my finished works and share patterns with anyone visiting it! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and read, lol... Celia